Do you have a current wine portfolio? Try our wine portfolio audit service.

Many people, whether investors or collectors, have little idea how much money they have sitting in the cellar, either at home or in bond. (Remember, to engineer the best investment returns wine needs to stay in bond). One of our services is to answer precisely that question. How much is all this worth? Many so-called valuations represent replacement cost, all very well for insurance purposes, but that is not how much can be raised by a foray into the market place. There is a big difference in the merchants’ bid/offer spread. Our wine portfolio audit service will give you an accurate price of what can be raised by going through our exclusive distribution channels.

In addition, it is important that investors understand the balance of their exposure. Is there too much First Growth? Not enough New World? Anything at all in Super-Tuscans, and so on? From a risk-weighted perspective it is vital to know where a portfolio sits. Is it predominantly recent vintage, and therefore some way off drinking window (and therefore not going to disappear any time soon)? Is it all high points scores, and with price benefits already priced in? Is it all en primeur, and therefore difficult to sell until it is bottled?

Our unique investment audit service gives you a full portfolio review and leaves you in a perfect position to decide whether to invest more, reduce, or reshape your portfolio.

If you would like a free audit on your portfolio or are just looking for a new home for your wines then please fill out the contact form below or email the list to

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