Looking to cash out of Bitcoin?

You can now buy wine and convert to fiat currency simply and efficiently, without the complexities of Bitcoin exchanges.  Amphora Portfolio Management can facilitate an easy solution to cash out of Bitcoin and into a tangible investment asset with capital growth appreciation. From there it can be sold back into the currency of your choice. You can set your own hold time, short or long. With no KYC or reporting requirements Amphora offers an easy solution to covert BTC into fiat.

Purchasing fine wine is a safe way to hedge against price fluctuations in the crypto-currency markets, and in its own right fine wine has been one of the most attractive physical asset classes in recent years, showing impressive returns that outperform other more traditional markets.

How it works

Investing in fine wine with bitcoin is simple. We provide a full service from sourcing and selecting the wine all the way through to selling it on your behalf.

Why buy fine wine with bitcoin?

·    No KYC or tax reporting requirements imposed upon Amphora when buying or selling fine wine with Bitcoin.
·    Fine wine can be used as a store of wealth.
·    Exposure to asset with capital growth exempt from capital gains tax.
·    Fine wine remains in the UK bonded system and can be traded on the international market and can be sold in any country.
·    Wine can be liquidated and funds remitted via bank transfer instantly and globally.
·    Lower your risk exposure to crypto currencies by diversifying into a tangible asset.
·    No minimum hold times, wine can be liquidated immediately.

To enquire about buying fine wine with Bitcoin please call 0207 148 0411

email finewine@amphora.london or use the form below.


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