Hot Tip – Lafite Rothschild 2017

20.06.18  – Fine Wine Investment  –

Regular buyers of en primeur from Amphora will be aware that in recent years we have been painfully selective, concluding that most Chateaux grossly overpriced their campaigns. This strategy has served us well – whilst en primeur profits in the broader market have been modest at best, Amphora’s have been tremendous. The average uplift in value for those 19 wines we picked over the last 3 campaigns is currently some 35%. Not bad given that the ’16s aren’t even bottled yet.

This year our firm favourite to continue this flurry of wins is the mighty Lafite-Rothschild. Algorithmically it’s through the roof, and the simplified price/quality graphic below tells the same story.  Quality-wise the ’17 is up there with the ’08 and (magnificent!) ’10, but it’s current price is pretty much on par with the unloved ’11 & ’13. This would seem a clear future winner.

Lafite 2017

Frustratingly, our allocation is a bit pitiful, so if you’d like a case please shout ASAP.

Here is the full list of Amphora en primeur selections for 2014, ‘15 & ‘16

en primeur