James Fletcher James Fletcher

James has fine wine in his blood, growing up with family connections into arguably the greatest dynasty in Bordeaux.

A founding member of the APM team, James has worked in the fine wine trade for nearly ten years. He advises several HNW clients on their wine investments, and also specialises in creating proprietary in-house account and stock management systems. James’ combination of IT and systems knowledge allied to a keen understanding of the international fine wine trade ensures APM is at the forefront of advances in the wine investment world.

David Jackson David Jackson

David qualified as a Chartered Surveyor in the late 80s and worked in property until 1995 at which point he qualified as a stockbroker and began a career in the city. David joined the fine wine trade in 2000, where he has worked since. In 2009 he established Amphora Portfolio Management (APM), a bespoke wine investment business advising private investors. Under David’s guidance, APM has become one of the most respected and innovative wine investment businesses in the market.

Philip Staveley Philip Staveley
Head of research

Phil graduated from St Andrew’s University in 1980 and joined Jardine Matheson in Hong Kong.

On returning to the UK in 1985 he became an Asian equities broker. In 2001 he joined Deutsche Bank where he built the first ever composite Global Emerging Markets distribution platform, before retiring from the industry in 2008. Since that time he has been a freelance journalist, active private investor, and property developer. His first investment in fine wine was in 1998.

Paul Regan Paul Regan
Head of Sales UK

Paul is a former financial futures trader on the London International Financial Futures Exchange (LIFFE). It was during this time whilst entertaining clients, he developed his love affair with fine wine and became aware of its potential as an investment commodity. Paul entered the wine trade in 2000 and is WSET qualified.

Mike Steuart Mike Steuart
Finance Director

Mike is a Chartered Accountant with 30 years experience in the equity finance area of investment banking, with specific roles in Prime Brokerage client management and product management at Merrill Lynch, West LB, and Dresdner Bank. In recent years Mike has managed his own property portfolio and held several FD roles in small and medium sized enterprises.

Charlie Yu Charlie Yu

查理擁有亞洲財富管理長達 16 年專業的財務經驗 ,尤其是針對高資產族群, 從2003起專注觀察的精品葡萄酒行業的潛力,作為一個私人收藏家和管理區域,個人對於頂級紅酒的熱愛致力於家族辦公室的推廣.

Christy Feng Christy Feng

ASC华南区市场部总监,取得英国WSET(葡萄酒与烈酒教育基金会)证书及英国工商管理硕士学位。并于2015年在中国考取国家高级理财规划师。Christy 红酒投资经验丰富,也是名庄酒收藏专业人士。APM的中国合伙人。

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